The Excel Difference

What is Excel Sales Consulting?

We Are Your Complete Training Solutions Company. Our objective is to collaborate with you in providing you with the highest quality of customized training programs available. Our goal is to ensure that all your training needs are met through either our live or online training programs.

One of the other unique factors of training is measuring and targeting within every program, the specified corporate goals and their specific individualized action plans. Management participation in the training process ensures that these goals are rigorously followed through. The Manager’s Leadership Training (pre and post training) assist the Manager with the direction and tools needed to guide teams in achieving their desired maximum performance levels.

Excel’s Norman Rose is an expert in course development and employee training. He has developed many personalized training solutions for a variety of industries giving thousands of sales and customer service people throughout North America the tools they need to succeed.


Why Choose Excel Sales Consulting?

The Excel Difference
The Importance of Developing a Positive Attitude.  Everything starts with a positive attitude.

  • Helps people to be resilient when times are tough.
  • Having the right attitude helps to build strong relationships with customers and co-workers.
  • Create a culture of teamwork. hence improving efficiency, productivity and customer loyalty.
  • Improved tenure.

Customized Training Solutions For Your Business:

  • With Every Customer that we have, we make an effort to understand the industry and business itself – so that we can customize our programs for your business’s needs. People relate and are engaged in the training as a result of our industry research and course preparation.
  • Helps everyone that attends the training to relate well, since it’s based on their real world experience and challenges within their specific business and industry.
  • Because training is made more practical and relatable to their industry, it becomes more memorable with more points and can be applied immediately to the day to day job. Because the training isn’t generic, not about “paradigms” – it helps you to make great changes right away.
  • When people apply the training; they immediately start to develop stronger relationships with customers and co-workers that have an impact on the bottom line immediately.
  • Helps the new or the most seasoned sales people to sharpen their skills.
  • Sustainability training along with a customized follow up strategies are built in with every course.
  • This is not an off the shelf program. Research is done to support training sustainability and long lasting relationships. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial partnership creating positive results.
  • The Sales Process.
  • Our sales process helps sales personnel close deals faster, overcome objections, retrain and develop relationships that create long lasting loyal customers; helps customers to reach their goals.
  • Teaches the value of applying consistent preparation and following a specific proven process for every opportunity.
  • Decreases the amount of follow-up and teaches different approaches that create more sales.
  • Increases individual confidence in dealing with existing customers and new prospects while also showing methods of how to moving stuck prospects to become customers.
  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Through collaborative teamwork – working well together. This really shows with both your new customers and valued long lasting customers.
  • Helps block out the competition, effectively communicate the value you offer which helps develop competitive advantage.
  • Things to avoid when dealing with you business that could cause you to lose the business to the competition.
  • Professional processes for customer service relating to communications (interpersonal skills, phone manners, greetings).
  • Rapport building – how to build rapport with the prospects that creates great relationships and loyal customers showing genuine concern to support their needs.
  • Maximize the best phone skills that will stand out to your customers.
  • Be the absolute best in your business.
  • Proven Track Record For Success.
  • All our courses end with a very excited and motivated team.
  • Tangible and specific short and long term action items are created and attached to action items. The retention here is high because these are practical and sustainable and specific to your business.
  • We’ve worked with small to large companies globally – and the common feedback is that our training is especially enjoyable & engaging – while training also gives the trainees a ton to take with them.
  • Helps with not only business and sales but also personal development. We understand that the tow overlaps so we integrate the two which supports growth in both personal and professional aspects.
  • Create a Significant Competitive Advantage For Your Company.
  • Helps people to maximize their potential and be much more effective at sales and building better custom relationships.
  • Set clear expectations for best in class sales and customer service.
  • Increased sales, profitability and market share.
  • Increases employee retention, job satisfaction, confidence, and attitude.
  • Increases the professional image of your company through improved process and manners throughout the organization.
  • Provide a consistent message to all team members.
  • Supports management to incorporate into their business development strategies and use a process to hold people accountable to.