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Mastering Your Selling Skills Certification Course


Maximizing Your Potential

2 or 3 day course, with 8 hours of training per day plus customized follow-up training.

This course provides participants with a sales process that will develop relationships resulting in new business.

Course Objectives: Understand and execute the sales process; Increase sales, productivity and performance; Increase the awareness of developing and maintaining a positive attitude; Improve organizational skills; Develop successful closing skills; Handle objections with confidence; Manage and develop a sales territory; resulting in improved relationships, overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Who Should Attend: Sales Representatives and Sales Managers


Topics Covered:

  • The Excel Customer Relationship Building Sales Process
  • How to Implement a Strategic Approach to Selling
  • Territory Planning to Maximize Effectiveness
  • Best practices for sales call planning and things to avoid doing when making a sales call
  • Grow new business through professional prospecting techniques
  • Techniques and tools provided to assess and prequalify target accounts
  • How to prepare and execute a key account meeting
  • Proven methods on how to create value and overcoming buyer resistance so it does not come down to price
  • Retain and develop business with existing accounts.
  • Techniques to keep you motivated
  • Goal setting strategies to help you avoid getting stuck in a rut

After the course, the student will be able to:

  • Apply the Excel Customer Relationship Sales Process
  • Apply a practical, strategic approach to identify key target accounts
  • Improve personal effectiveness through better sales call planning on prospects and with existing accounts
  • Prepare professional presentations to improve customer communication
  • Enhance existing customer relationships
  • Gain new relationships using professional proven professional prospecting techniques
  • Overcome objectives and buyer resistance to close additional sales
  • Improve customer and co-worker relationships
  • Goal setting strategies that are attached to action items to support you in achieving your goals

3- Day Training Program – 24-Hours of Training

Sales Training Starting from $395 Per Day

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 Mastering Your Selling Skills Certification Course

 Course Description: This customized Retail Sales training certification course will teach Sales Professionals how to apply effective Selling Skills that will focus on enhancing their, internal partnerships, and their customer service and selling skills. They will be provided with a toolbox of customer relationship building and selling skills that they will understand, relate to, and be able to apply effectively every day. Participants will learn how to set strategic goals, to achieve their maximum sales and service results. 

Who Should Attend: Sales Managers and Sales Professionals 

Course Duration: 3- Day Course Highlights 


 Sales Process Steps: 

Module 1 Prepare for your success – positive attitude and teamwork, daily planning and prioritizing, managing tasks, time management, applying focus, making time to prospect, avoiding costly time traps, preparing for the customer, know your competitors, know your product and industry to create a competitive advantage over your competition. 

Module 2 – The Power of a Positive Mindset Create a positive first impression – image – understand customers’ expectations, gain immediate interest in your approach, selling your company, Communications Skills – listening skills, professional phone manners, greeting, the customer, dealing with interruptions, managing multiple customers, dealing with difficult people and solving complaints. 

Module 3 – Identify Prospects’ needs – asking appropriate questions to identify needs, having a thorough understanding of your customer’s needs, actively listening to your customers, paraphrase, take notes, confirming the next action. 

Module 4 – Presenting the right solutions with enthusiasm, paraphrasing and summarizing your customer’s needs, asking for feedback, communicating that you are listening to their wants/needs, show and sell, sharing information and guidance, being clear and concise. 

Module 5 – Overcoming Objections addressing concerns thoroughly watching for buying signals, steps to overcoming customer objections, presenting best options based on customer needs and offering solutions 

Module 6 – Closing the Sale- Ask for the sale (close). Techniques to help you close, the essentials of closing, recognizing body language when closing the sale, techniques on how and when to ask for the sale, up selling when applicable. 

Module 7 – Follow- up systems to keep in touch with prospects and existing clients; to develop and securing repeat business with your valued customers and strategies to consistently maximize the ultimate customer experience.. 

Training Highlights: 

  • Best practices for developing a positive attitude and teamwork 
  • Organizational Skills, daily, weekly and monthly planning tips and techniques 
  • Introduction to the Excel Sales Consulting Retail Customer Relationship Sales Process 
  • Tips to making the great first impression and creating value 
  • Asking the Right Questions and Tracking Customer’s Needs 
  • The Solution creating and delivering the ultimate proposal and presentation 
  • Overcome objections 
  • How to Ask for the Sale and Close and Win the Business 
  • End of course Goal Setting Exercises