Mystery Caller Program




Program Objective:  To measure, train, re-measure to find improvements on how your counter staff can give world class customer service and salesmanship on each and every telephone experience.


Program Description:  In coordination with Excel Sales Consulting Inside Sales Customer Service Course, your counter staff are mystery called posing as everyday customers with every day needs.  The first set of telephone calls are conducted prior to Norman Rose training and evaluated on the critique items shown below.  After the staff have learned the new skills to effectively work with the incoming phone calls, the mystery calling process is repeated.  The evaluation is done once again with a pre and post score cared.   Improvements are noted on the second round, along with Norman’s review with management on what skills still need some improvement.


Proper Answering Technique:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Did initial staff use a formal greeting used? ex, Good morning
  • Did initial staff person state the company name?
  • Was the surveyed staff person present his/her name?

Callers Put on Hold:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Was the caller asked if it was OK to be put on hold?
  • Did the staff wait for a response from caller before placing on hold?
  • The longest time put on hold (# of seconds)?

Callers Were Transferred:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Was the caller told in advance that the call would be transferred and why?
  • Did the next staff person introduce himself?
  • Did the next staff person seem already informed about the callers needs?


Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Did staff listen carefully to what the caller was asking for?
  • Did staff person ask questions to help clarify the parts needed?
  • Was the sales experience interrupted at all, side conversations etc.?

Building a Report:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Did staff get the name of the caller to create a friendly experience?
  • Did the staff person ask any questions about caller to create relationship?
  • Did staff provide information without the client pushing for more information?

Getting a Commitment for the Sale:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Were prices quoted on the spot?
  • Were useful complimentary products offered? i.e. Add a line to the invoice!
  • Did the staff try to up sell to higher priced product and with explanation?

Giving Great Customer Service:

Scoring Criteria Examples:

  • Did staff ask if you had any other needs today?
  • If items not in stock, did staff ask how soon product was needed?
  • Did staff make sure his explanations were understood?

Mystery Calling Chart – Scoring a Mystery Call