Managers Leadership Training


Maximizing Your Potential

2 day course, with 8 hours of training per day plus a strategic follow up plan.

This is an interactive course specifically for Managers, Assistant Managers, and Owners of companies. This course focuses on how to develop, coach, motivate, and measure the sales and service performance of your organization.

Course Objectives: This course will equip the participant with skills to effectively guide employees with necessary tools to provide the best sales and customer service standards. To motivate the participants to immediately implement the tools they have learned. Increase sales, efficiency and productivity.

Who Should Attend: Store Owner, Sales Managers, Operations Managers, and Key Management Personnel responsible for inside and outside sales team.

Managers will be able to:

  • Coaching Techniques
  • Guiding Employees to Achieve Sales & Customer Service Goals
  • Measuring & Benchmarking Your Outside Sales Employees’ Performance
  • Measuring & Benchmarking Your Inside Sales Employees’ Performance
  • Viewing Your Sales Performance From Your Customer’s Perspective
  • Creating a Positive Workplace For Employees
  • Planning and Conducting Productive and collaborative Meetings
  • Set clear and defined goals that have overall consistent expectations and standards related to sales and customer service
  • Learn how to become a better leader to improve employee performance
  • Set effective sales and customer service goals to increase customer sales and sales performance
  • Clarify exactly how your sales & service efforts are perceived from your customers view
  • Create a positive work environment that will enhance productivity and performance
  • Plan and execute productive staff and sales meetings
  • With their team, implement goals to enhance the business resulting in continuous positive change