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Effective training that will drastically improve customer loyalty.

Our Positive Sales Process will improve customer retention, employee satisfaction & create measurable results for your business!

Excel's Positive Sales Process

Our training emphasizes a more up to date and effective style of selling for today’s increasingly fast paced & competitive business world. It is unique in that it focuses on rapport building, creating a strong positive impression and establishing a genuine interest in the customer’s unique needs.

This allows the salesperson to successfully present the right solutions the first time & have the necessary foundation to smoothly close the sale & build a long lasting relationship with the customer.

Online Training

Our groundbreaking online training course features over 4 hours of course content & utilizes our unique six-step online training loop, which ensures that much more is gained from this unique course than just a typical stand-alone training video.

Scripted by Excel Sales Consulting & directed by an award winning film crew; the plausible & often humorous situations make our online training the most engaging, entertaining, & effective online sales & customer service training currently available.

Measurable Results

In partnership with AskListenRetain.com & Compechek Market Research we can work online surveys and/or telephone based customer satisfaction surveys, and can provide immediately measurable results in your business.

The survey feedback empowers businesses in systematically gathering, analyzing, and using the information to enhance customer satisfaction and address any service related issues; bringing transparency in all customer related issues.